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Tasmania Health e-health infrastructure

For a number of years following the national Health and Hospital Reform agreement, Tasmania’s health system was organised into 3 Local Health Networks (known as Health Organisations) until it was discovered to be broken. In order to fix the broken system, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) amalgamated the 3 LHNs into a single Tasmanian Health Service in July 2015. Tasmania also has a single Primary Health Network. Also in July 2015, DHHS released the strategy white paper One Health Service that outlines the structural and operational reforms to be introduced in the coming years.

So the Tasmanian Health Service now uses a Tasmanian Role Delineation Framework (TRDF) to inform the mapping of services to determine a valid Tasmanian Clinical Service Profile (TCSP). Essentially, this defines what services will be provided at each hospital.

According to the One Health Service White Paper, “Many ICT systems are still regionally based and disconnected.

Tasmania requires an eHealth system that enables seamless integration of health services across a network of sites in the State, effectively crossing sectoral boundaries to follow the needs of the patient and the treating clinicians. This will require substantial future investment.”