PCEHR Wave 2 Projects

Cradle Coast
The project aimed at to implement a supportive and palliative care program for people in the last year(s) of their life. The project supports an innovative and coordinated care planning approach for residents and their family/support persons, carers and other Residential and Aged Care Facilities staff, general practice, acute hospital services, and Allied Health practitioners, with a shared electronic health record.
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Budget: 3.5 million
Patient Cohort
  • Aged care facility residents
HealthCare Organisations
IT Organisations
e-health infrastructure components
  • Shared Health Summary
  • Enduring Guardian ??
  • Statement of Wishes ??
  • care planning software ???
Project Statistics
  • target enrolment: 1,000
  • catchment size: 110,000
  • budget: $3.5M
  • start date: ?
Outcomes and Reviews