Pre-PCEHR projects

Wave 1 eHealth Lead Sites

The key objective of these Wave 1 eHealth Lead Sites was to provide a community of services for individuals using a range of community and health service providers with appropriate linkages to clinical support. The wave 1 projects aimed to support up to 243 participating practices and 90,000 individuals. Pharmacies, after hours services and public outpatient services were also be engaged.

"The proposed approach to building a national PCEHR system is based upon a combination of ‘top down’ national initiatives and ‘bottom up’ lead implementation projects. This will allow the delivery of tangible eHealth project outcomes on the ground – critical for building clinical, consumer and political support for the national PCEHR agenda - whilst at the same time ensuring a focus on the national frameworks and actions required to deliver a national electronically interoperable health care system."


The three Wave 1 sites were announced in 2010, and were granted some $14.5million.

No review of these projects was ever undertaken, let alone reported to the public, despite being funded from the public purse.