• Phase 1 - Take the sample CDA light (XHTML body only) Discharge Summary and complete it with coded entries. The best entry earns 20% of the available prize money at that time and will become the basis for Phase 2 - the challenge proper! A generous 11 weeks will be allotted to complete phase 1.
  • Phase 2 - When available, take the sample “heavy” coded Discharge Summary and provide a mechanism to transform the coded entry parts of the full discharge summary CDA to produce XHTML similar to the original sample. A generous 5+ months will be allotted to complete phase 2.
  • It is expected that a complete solution would be either a. downloaded to the judges as a complete application to run under MS Windows, Linux or Mac Os X, or alternatively; b. assessed by judges uploading a sample file to a nominated site for conversion within 4 minutes.
  • In either case the conversion would be performed on an unseen discharge summary CDA file of similar layout to the original, but with a number of data values arbitrarily changed.

Go for it !