The Challenge

  • We provide a sample hospital discharge summary formatted in CDA R2 solely for display with a standard HL7 XSL stylesheet, and which contains no coded entries. We will refer to this version as the “light” sample.
  • This original or “light” sample needs to be restructured into a fully, entry rich version. We will refer to this full version as “heavy”.
  • A script or application then needs to read the “heavy” version to extract the clinical information, and format it to look like the original narrative of the “light” version. This will test the ability of software to read and process the basic, clinically coded entries. The software does not need to be commercial, nor production quality in any sense. It just has to deal with coded clinical information in a minimal sense.
  • A very generous amount of time - over 8 months - is being offered.
  • The world’s e-health decision makers and purchasers will await the outcome with interest!
  • Initial Prize money is $1000 AUD