Rules, Questions & Answers

  1. Strict adherence to CDA R2 will not be tested - no validation will be performed. The principles underpinning CDA and the HL7 RIM are being assessed in this challenge.
  2. CDA R2 entries rely extensively on codes for their semantics. These codes must be used in the transformation process - displayName attributes should not be required. Solutions will be tested with and without “displayName” attributes.
  3. All HL7, LOINC, SNOMED, or other external vocabularies should be included in the phase 2 solution script/application bundle, if a bundle is submitted as the solution.
  4. All <text> markup fragments will be removed from the “heavy” discharge summary sample prior to testing in phase 2, except where the coded entry explicitly references a text item.
  5. Both organisations and individuals are eligible to enter.
  6. The use of open source toolkits such as Open Health Tools Model-Driven Health Tools may be used, and are encouraged.
  7. There will likely be a small set of possible Medicines (drugs) terminologies allowed to be used to cater for national variations. (details to follow)